Tuesday, August 4, 2015

#RPGaDay2015 - 4th - Most Surprising Game

It's August 2015, and to follow on with the success of last year's #RPGaDay event, David Chapman at Autocratik has created a new list. Each day in August, I'll be posting my "answer" to that day's topic.

Since there's no time period assigned to today's subject—Most Surprising Game—I'm drawn to a session I played a few years ago, run by my friend, Bill Keyes, at a charity gaming event: Lucha Libre Hero. The reason this game stood out is that Hero is really not a game that fits my current interests—character creation is too involved and the system tends to focus too much on minutiae. Still, the game goes down in history as my favorite play experience of all time in a public setting. It was a combination of things that made it my favorite.

For starters, the people at the table were amazing roleplayers. There were four of us, but I don't recall the fourth player's name. My friends, Wendy and Camdon, were there, and they are both top shelf players. Couple that with Bill's GMing style, and it made for a lot of fun.

Speaking of GMing style. Bill stripped out a lot of the fiddly parts of the Hero system for his game. He also had wrestling moves on the character sheet, and I've been a wrestling fan all my life. It was fun to pull off moves in-game, and due to my familiarity with wrestling, it made visualization really easy. He also did a great job explaining the Lucha Libre genre, as it's presented in the game.

I do so wish there was a Lucha Libre RPG that utilized a system more to my tastes than Hero.