Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Town of Waypoint

In an effort to make time for some friends I haven't been able to see as often as I'd like, I'm starting up a monthly fantasy game. I'm going with Savage Worlds and the Fantasy Companion (and maybe the Horror Companion at some point) for my basis. We've decided to use inside-out design for the setting. Below is the town I've begun designing. I've kept it varied and generic so the players can feel free to design themselves into the population more easily. I give you the town of Waypoint:

Waypoint is a small town—larger than a village, but not much larger. It’s immediate surrounding area consists mostly of farmland. Waypoint is important because it stands atop a crossroads that links the mountain strongholds of the dwarves, the enchanted forest of the elves, and two human cities, one of which is a major port.

Waypoint began its days as a roadhouse, known as the Waypoint Inn. It still exists and has played host to travelers of all stripes. As the inn became more popular, a farming family settled nearby to provide food and other goods. Soon the town had a blacksmith, a mill, and various shops, aimed at the needs of passersby. These days there are more farms, and Waypoint has begun exporting produce and other goods.

Recently, a temple was built for worship, and while it belongs to the goddess of nature and the hearth, it has a more generic worship area for those travelers who follow different gods. Occasionally, the temple will play host to guest clergy from different deities.

Due to it’s fluid population, the citizens tend to be easy going and tolerant but—with the exception of the merchants and tradesmen who do business with travelers—keep mostly to themselves. Waypoint has had it’s fair share of tensions, especially when naturally adversarial groups are in town together, such as dwarves delivering ore to the smith while an elven delegation passes through.

Although Waypoint is part of the human kingdom, the town does its best to act as neutral territory. It has a small accompaniment of soldiers from the kingdom, who try to maintain that peace, ostensibly acting as a local constabulary.