Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Directions

You may have noticed this blog died down for awhile. It was because after ending our original podcast, Vern and I started a new endeavor with some friends, RoleplayDNA. Unlike TGTT, RPDNA included both a podcast and a blog. It was tough for me to come up with content for both sites, so I let this one fade. Recently I announced my (and Vern's) retirement from podcasting, so I figured I'd go back to using this site as a creative outlet.

I can't (read: won't) promise regular updates, but I can say I'll post here as the spirit moves me. I'm currently working on a Read-Thru of Fate Core (and 'grats to the fine folks at Evil Hat, btw) and that may become a series--to include a Play-Thru or three--if I'm able to get some play time in with it. I can say that looks hopeful at this time.

So stay tuned... but don't expect too much. ;)