Friday, January 6, 2012

@ReverbGamers Master List Number 6

#6: Describe your all-time favorite character to play. What was it about him/her/it that you enjoyed so much?

My favorite character... that's a tough one. Two characters immediately spring to mind, but I'll pick one...

(Much of this comes from an old Facebook note I wrote, and has been edited for content and grammar. The very last paragraph is all new.)

Revenant was a superhero with a dark past. He was once an investigative reporter, named Michael Mortis (the cheesy alliteration was a nod to comics), who learned too much about an organized crime group and got himself and his family killed. A major power player named Necromancer brought Michael back from the dead, endowing him with powers.

Before Revenant knew his true origin, he thought he was actually a revenant from mythology, a person brought back from the dead to enact revenge on those who did him wrong. Thinking it was his only ticket to dying and join his family, Michael sought out and killed his family's murderer. 

Then nothing happened.

Distraught, Michael eventually took on the Revenant persona in an effort to repent for the murder he committed, all the while searching for a way to die. Eventually he hooked up with Omega Force, a team he now leads. Since the beginning, Michael has learned that the self he knew did die, and his soul he knew went on to whatever afterlife was waiting. He was merely an imprint of the Michael he once believed he was. He changed his last name to Sinclair (his wife's name was Clair, so "no Clair"), and started his new life.

Revenant was fun to play because he was kind of a dick. I based his wit on Dr. Cox from Scrubs. I entertained the table, while cracking myself up on occasion, so that was cool. What I liked best about him, though, was he was going to do the right thing, no matter who he hurt in the process (especially himself). There was no compromise when he saw the "right" path. That quality led to a lot of fun conflict with villains and his teammates. If there was a dirty deed to be done, though, he kept his teammates out of it. He might kill, but he would never let his partners do the same--that was his cross to bear. This part of Revenant's personality started with Batman, but I dialed it up to 12. If the Joker encountered Revenant, there might be a second encounter, but never a third--he'd be dead.