Thursday, January 5, 2012

@ReverbGamers Master List Number 5

#5: Have you ever introduced a child to gaming, or played a game with a young person? How is gaming with kids different than gaming with adults?

Yes. Yes I have. There are a couple differences when playing with kids.
  • Kids have shorter attention spans. The typical game session for an adult group is about four hours (sometimes more). For kids, avoid going much past two hours--that way lies madness (and frustration).
  • Kids are more creative than adults. If you're a GM, and you think your players have messed up your master plans in the past, try GMing a seven-year-old or two. You'll stop complaining about your adult players going "off course." A kid at the table will surely keep you on your toes.
  • Kids are more honest than adults. If they're not having fun, you'll know it.
As a parent, I will close by saying nothing is cooler than watching your kid "get" roleplaying and want to do it with you.