Sunday, January 22, 2012

@ReverbGamers Master List Number 22

#22: Describe the worst game you've ever played in. What made it so bad? Did your fellow players help, or make it worse?

I was playing in a Witchcraft game several years ago. A good friend was running the game. He wasn't an experienced GM, but he was not the reason the game was so bad. I was.

I'm a really convincing guy. I could sell Bill Gates an iMac if I needed to. Seriously. And my friend running the game is a really nice guy, and kind of a pushover.

Basically, I ran roughshod over him and the game with my ideas. I got him to say yes a lot, and the game stopped being a game. The other players joined in, and they ran all over him too. I felt really bad about it. The game didn't last long, and I've never seen him GM since.

Heck, I've never run or played Witchcraft since. Suckage.